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Beginning Rather Than Ending With Garden Design

At Dan Hartley Garden Design, we know that great outdoor spaces don't just happen they are carefully crafted with attention to detail and a deep understanding of the client's needs and desires. While interior design often takes the spotlight, we know that exterior spaces deserve just as much consideration and creativity. Our approach goes beyond aesthetics; it encompasses functionality, harmony with the surrounding environment, and a reflection of your unique lifestyle.


perennial plants, grasses and shrubs in a soft planting scheme

Just as interior designers create interiors that blend beauty with functionality, our team at Dan Hartley Garden Design aims to create outdoor spaces that are not only visually appealing but also practical and tailored to your lifestyle. We understand that your garden is an extension of your living space, and it should be designed to complement your home seamlessly.


Working with a professional garden designer like us doesn't mean losing control over your project. We collaborate closely with our clients, listening to their ideas, understanding their style preferences, and addressing any challenges that arise during the design process. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by bringing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the table.

herbaceous borders around a gravel path

Just as a well designed interior sets the mood for your home, a thoughtfully designed garden creates a welcoming atmosphere and a connection to nature. We consider elements such as lighting, plant selection, outdoor furnishings, and hardscape materials to create outdoor spaces that resonate with you and evoke positive emotions every time you step outside.


The world of garden design offers countless choices in terms of plants, materials, layouts, and features. Our expertise lies in helping you navigate these choices, presenting concepts and solutions that align with your brief while ensuring practicality and sustainability. We utilise 3D renders to give you a glimpse of how your garden will look and function before realising the design.

garden water feature with fountain jets in a Mediterranean style garden

At Dan Hartley Garden Design, our commitment doesn't end with design concepts. We oversee every aspect of the project, from sourcing quality plants and managing budgets to coordinating with contractors and suppliers. Our meticulous planning and attention to detail ensure that the project unfolds seamlessly, resulting in a garden that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Get Started Today! Transforming your outdoor space into a stunning and functional garden begins with a conversation. Contact us at for a personalised quotation and let's embark on a journey to create a garden that reflects your style, enhances your lifestyle, and brings joy with every season. Your dream garden awaits!


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