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Dan’s childhood in Derbyshire was filled with endless adventures in nature—rambling through the countryside, climbing trees, and swimming in lakes. These experiences ignited a deep connection to the natural world, particularly to the beauty of trees and woodlands. Dan tried various careers, including civil engineering, before following his heart’s desire.


In 2010, he left the construction industry and embarked on a journey of arboriculture and horticulture. Working as a tree surgeon and landscape gardener in London and later Norfolk, Dan honed his skills and knowledge. But it was his passion for landscape and garden design that truly ignited his soul.


With distinction, Dan graduated from KLC School of Design, and his talent caught the attention of renowned garden designers such as Adolfo Harrison Gardens and Marcus Barnett Studio. He worked at both for a period, learning invaluable skills in the process.  Now, Dan creates breathtaking private gardens and public spaces in and around London. His designs seamlessly blend the wonders of nature with practicality and the individual tastes of his clients.


When he’s not crafting landscapes, Dan finds solace in his own garden, drawing inspiration from nature’s embrace. His love for both nature and design continues to drive him, ensuring that his creations resonate with those who appreciate the harmonious blend of artistry and the natural world.

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