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Show Gardens

Award Winning Designs

We are thrilled to have earned recognition for our show garden design skills at the world-renowned RHS Chelsea Flower Show, receiving a prestigious 5-star award in May 2024. As we look forward to the next chapter, we are excited to embark on the build for our latest show garden design at Gardeners' World Live in June 2024.

Creating a show garden demands months of meticulous planning and dedication from everyone involved. For a garden design to be truly successful, every detail must be carefully considered. From developing the concept and design brief to selecting a striking material palette, every element plays a crucial role. The plant selection must not only be horticulturally accurate but also convincingly mature, with plants complementing each other in color, height, and form. The inclusion of water features, the interplay of light and shade, and the harmonious interaction of all elements are essential to convey the intended message to the audience. Additionally, maintaining visual interest from every possible viewing angle is crucial, as you have only an instant to capture the viewer's attention.


This naturalistic gravel garden combines ornamental grassses with drought-tolerant perennials, providing a wildlife-friendly garden in which to display Dawn's beautiful bronze sculptures

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The Eco Oasis Garden is designed to inspire visitors to enhance nature and the environment in their own back gardens. A central rain garden is fed by rain water stored in corten troughs. Naturalistic, pollinator friendly planting with architectural trees and wildlife friendly hedging are all simple ways of working with nature.


To discuss your garden design project, please call Dan Hartley
07814 776032

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