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The Garden Design is broken down into logical 'Stages'.

After each stage there will be an opportunity to review and comment on the design. You will be fully informed and guided through the process, so that you ultimately get the garden that suits you and your needs.

Stage 1: Initial Site Visit

The initial consultation, site visit and recording of the Client Brief. We will gain an understanding of your requirements and get a feel for the space so that we can provide a detailed fee proposal for the design of your garden.

Garden Design Consultation

Stage 2: Concept Design

The next step is a full survey of the site, to determine the layout as well as the topography and existing services. This enables the garden concept design to be produced and communicated in the form of 2D and 3D images, with mood boards to support the concept. At this stage the focus is on the layout of the garden for your approval, rather than the specific details.

Garden Concept Design

Stage 3: Developed Design

After the concept has been agreed, the details of the design are taken a step further to produce the final masterplan. Spatial arrangements, material palettes and planting mood boards are produced and the visualisations are developed further to help you get a sense of your new garden.

Garden Design Development

Stage 4: Technical Design

Your approval of the Masterplan leads to the preparation of setting out plans, detailed construction drawings and lighting plans to give the landscaper everything he needs to bring the garden design to reality.

Landscape Technical Design

Stage 5: Planting Design

The Planting Palette showing suitable species for the design is produced and a Planting Plan is drawn up which sets out locations of all plants. A plant schedule listing species, pot size and quantities for costing and ordering is finalised.

Landscape Planting Design

Stage 6: Tender

All design documents are packaged for pricing by Landscape Contractors.  the returned costings are checked for errors and a Landscaper is selected.

Landscape Design Tender Review

Stage 7: Site Monitoring

We offer site monitoring on the clients behalf to ensure the design is being correctly followed. 

Landscape Construction Monitoring

Stage 8: Aftercare

Upon completion, a seasonal maintenance schedule is provided and aftercare arrangements are discussed. We offer ongoing visits to advise on maintenance and any interventions to improve your garden as it evolves over time. We can also recommend a local company to help care for your new garden.

Garden Aftercare Plan
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