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The Gardeners World Live Eco Oasis Garden 

On APL Avenue this year,  the Eco Oasis garden aims to combine eco-friendly elements with aesthetic appeal and mindful living. Organic abundance is represented by vibrant, lush planting, inviting visitors to experience the beauty of a balanced and environmentally conscious outdoor space. The garden explores the integration of simple water conservation methods and efforts to enhance natural ecosystems. Designed to be maintained using organic gardening principles, it empowers individuals to cultivate their own “good life.”

Adjoining a residential property, the garden features a long water trough for rainwater collection, complemented by a rill for controlled release. Strategically spaced pavers allow water to permeate into the ground, promoting sustainability. The environmentally conscious homeowner benefits from free-draining loam soil, ideal for plant growth. Additionally, hedges and trees sustain wildlife, while log piles create habitats for invertebrates and fungi, encouraging a thriving ecosystem in the compact urban space.

Key features include:

  • Large format pavers at varying heights to suit the rill and add visual interest.

  • A pergola to frame the garden.

  • A south-facing sunny aspect.

  • A design climaxing in seasonal interest during June.

  • A planting scheme representing a vibrant plant community, though not specific to any single natural ecosystem.

This garden exemplifies how eco-conscious design can harmonise beauty and sustainability, creating a serene and functional outdoor space.

Designer: Dan Hartley Garden Design

Landscaper: Tisserand English Gardens

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