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A  Drought- tolerant Gravel Garden, Norfolk

The Issue

This client is a very sociable lady who loves chatting to neighbours and passers by in her front garden.  Her previous garden mainly consisted of pots and gravel and she spent all her time trying to keep them hydrated in the summer months, a task that had become a chore, not to mention the excessive water use! 

The Aim

We set out to create a drought tolerant, naturalistic design which would give her and passers by, a real reason to stop and have a chat.

The Solution

The free-draining soil and drier climate of Norfolk enabled the use of a mainly Mediterranean planting scheme.  Perennial flowering plants and ornamental grasses that move in the slightest breeze dominate, with gravel paths so she can bring her visitors in for a closer look.

The Result

The plants will stand over winter and are only cut down in early spring, maximising seasonal interest and minimising time without structure.  This benefits the client and wildlife which depend on the plants for food and shelter over the colder months.

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