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Our Chelsea Show Garden (Trade Stand)Awarded 5*****

I was recently contacted by a sculptor regarding her trade stand at this year's Chelsea Flower Show. She needed a beautiful, eye-catching design in which to display her sculptures. "This is what I do!" I told her enthusiastically. I love placing art in gardens, so I was thrilled to get the chance to showcase my work at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Creating a garden for the Chelsea Flower Show has always been a personal ambition of mine, and having the opportunity to design a sculpture garden was incredibly exciting. Most of Dawn's work relates to water and swimming/diving, so I wanted to create an inviting atmosphere that complemented this concept. The initial idea was a dry and arid landscape with an inviting central water feature, enhanced by charred timber fencing and shelter. The shelter was necessary for storing personal items and offering a place to sit during the long days of the show.

Loose Mediterranean-style planting with grasses provided movement and complemented the sculptures' predominantly brown and blue colour scheme. Meadow planting was added to the roof with the seated girl, designed to draw the busy crowds over to investigate. This integration of art in the garden brought a dynamic and engaging element to the display.

Our efforts paid off wonderfully, as our trade stand at the Chelsea Flower Show was awarded a coveted 5-star rating. It was an honour to bring together the beauty of garden design and the elegance of sculpture in a way that captivated visitors and judges alike. This project was a milestone in my career, blending art in the garden with a naturalistic setting, and I am already looking forward to the next creative challenge.

Doing a build at the Chelsea Flower Show was really exciting, as well as nerve racking and logistically difficult. There is no room for storage, and every morning when you arrive on site, you don't know how much or how little room you will have to move around since all the gardens are so closely packed together! The overall experience of the Chelsea Flower Show was excellent, and I felt very privileged to be part of it. I definitely learned a great deal during the build, and I think designing a trade stand is a great precursor to creating a full show garden there one day.

I have many contacts and can source and curate art for gardens of all styles and sizes. If you are interested in incorporating art in your garden, please contact us to discuss how best to display art in your outdoor space.

For an informal chat to discuss your garden design project, please call Dan Hartley


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